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Welcome to the website of naturalist, author and wildlife guide Michael Blencowe.

Michael is available for wildlife events, talks, writing and surveys.

On this website you’ll find details of Michael’s previous books and articles as well as upcoming events and news of his latest adventures.

Michael Blencowe

Michael Blencowe


Over the past fifteen years Michael has led hundreds of wildlife events inspiring, educating and engaging thousands of people from Sussex to Svalbard …

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From village halls to national conferences and seminars, from the Eden Project to the middle of the North Atlantic …


Magazine articles, dynamic nature writing, children’s books, creative online blogs, interpretation and factual wildlife guides …

Wildlife Surveys


Michael is available to undertake surveys of your local area, land or garden; helping you to discover, record and protect the wildlife around you.  

Enthused by your passion

Whether it was out in the field looking for butterflies, investigating a moth trap or attending one of your entertaining talks, our members have always been enthused by your passion for wildlife.


A Big Influence

Michael Blencowe was a big influence when I was first starting out in ecology. Amongst his many talents he is one of the best public speakers I have ever listened to.

MB, Manchester

Vibrant Character

Through his vibrant character, perfectly woven stories and timing drummed down to a tee, he made us sit up and take notice of his great work. Now that’s good content delivery.

Stranger Collective, Cornwall

Delightful Anecdotes

Michael is a master at combining education with entertainment, expertly describing his wonderful wildlife experiences with a sprinkling of folklore, history, music and delightful anecdotes.



What a raconteur!  Very impressive, captivating, funny and fascinating

M.P, Sussex

Warm Relevant Humour

Your presentation, yesterday, was brilliant. Not only did you deliver it in a clear, informative way, you kept it applicable to our members. Your touches of warm relevant humour added to our enjoyment, and you have certainly inspired many of us to stop talking about what we could do for wildlife, and actually get on with something

J.M., Sussex


We enjoyed your talk last night about moths enormously. You have a great gift for education and entertainment. Brilliant! We have made a donation to the charity in tribute.

T.H., Sussex

Awesome Advocate

In short, wildlife is pretty lucky to have such an awesome outspoken advocate, and if all conferences have a Michael in their midst, then the world would be a much better place

Stranger Collective, Cornwall

Dynamic Speaker

We were grateful that Michael Blencowe was on the cruise as he is such a dynamic speaker and is able to share information in an exciting way. It only made most of the other lectures seem uninspired.

Ellen, USA

You can relive Michael’s epic hike from his home in Sussex back to his childhood home in Devon in this video. 348 miles in 17 minutes (with all the hobbling, crying and swearing edited out).

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