Over the past decade Michael has combined his passion for wildlife with his engaging, characterful writing and produced hundreds of articles for magazines, newspapers and journals. 

Michael was the monthly wildlife columnist for the much loved (and much missed) Viva Lewes magazine writing 106 articles from 2012 until its final edition in 2020. Each of Michael’s articles highlighted a local species and was accompanied by a brilliant, unique illustration by local wildlife artist Mark Greco.

These articles have since been syndicated to over 70 other publications where they continue to be enjoyed by a wide audience.

Michael has also written for other national publications, from promoting the pleasures of nature journalling in Good Housekeeping to stalking Tasmanian Tigers amongst the pages of The Big Issue.

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On 17 March 2020 Michael Blencowe was sent home from work as a global pandemic spread across the British Isles.

Locked down and armed with just a hole punch, a jar of pickled onions and an inquisitive mind Michael ventured into a new reduced world: his back garden. For 100 days straight he reported on the wildlife discoveries he made in his small suburban patch of the planet in a daily blog as part of his community work for Sussex Wildlife Trust.

These popular blogs helped people to learn more about their garden wildlife and inspired them to take action for nature. For many people they offered daily comfort and distraction during a challenging time. 

The Corona Wildlife Diary blogs have been archived on the Sussex Wildlife Trust website


If you would like Michael to add some wildlife to your publication drop him an email